Flamco Smart - Compacter, lighter, cleaner and even more efficient

Air and dirt in a system cause problems such as unnecessary faults and extra wear or noise, but also lead to disruption of the system, lower heat transfer and reduced pump performance. Consequence: higher energy
consumption and an unreliable system.

New air and dirt separators
The new Flamcovent Smart, Flamco Clean Smart and Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separators remove even the smallest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. They are near enough maintenance-free and the flow resistance is negligibly low. The Smart series performs 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators, while the flow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.


Optimal performance thanks to double thrust function

Low water velocity and exceptional removal performance
Two thrust functions ensure efficient dirt removal and de-aeration of the system water. The first function is achieved by the action of the separating element built into the body in the path of the water flow through the unit. Contaminated water is diverted through the separating element. The second effect is achieved by combining the increased return flow of clean water from the plenum opposite the separation element back into the main stream. This forces the micro-bubbles and dirt particles towards the sides of the body and into the plenum chamber to be removed.

60% better performance

Four neodymium supermagnets, incorporated into the logo, additionally helps to trap ferrous particles. By pushing the logo/magnet holder downwards, the dirt particles are drawn to the underside of the dirt separator where they can be removed via the drain valve.


Main advantages

  • 60% better performance compared to conventional air and dirt separators.
  • Suitable for temperatures of up to 120 °C.
  • Suitable for operating pressures of up to maximum 10 bar.
  • Unique flow velocities, up to 3 m/s.
  • Can be used with all kinds of pipework.
  • Compact dimensions, light weight.
  • Extremely low flow resistance and low loss of energy.
  • Consistent performance throughout its service life.


Wide product range
The new air and dirt separators from Flamco are supplied in six connection sizes, with or without an insulation jacket as required: 

Efficient dirt separation

Efficiënte vuilafscheiding

Efficient air separation

Efficiënte luchtafscheiding

Measuring method verified by Deltares, measurement results based on silica particles.